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10 Best Rear Bike Lights: Reviews 2021 (Recommended!)

You don’t want to be put in dangerous situations while riding your bike. Especially at night, you go from being a biker to a potentially dangerous object in the street or highway if drivers can’t see you.

That’s why you need the best rear bike light. It will help you become a more visible object in the street, alerting everyone behind you of your location.

There are many rear bike lights, though. They have different colors, shapes, sizes, and brightness levels. The mounting also changes, and even how they power up can differ from model to model.

That’s why we decided to make a comprehensive guide of the best rear lights for bikes in the market. If you’re looking for one of these, then this article will help you enormously.

10 Best Rear Bike Lights Reviews in 2020

We found hundreds of lights worth taking a look at. But only a few of them met our standards. So we brought the 10 models we think are entirely worth spending your bucks at. Below, you’ll find a review of each:

1. LEZYNE Strip Drive Pro Bicycle Taillight

The first light in our list comes from LEZYNE. It looks like a regular strip light to place on your bike rear. But it’s not. The Strip Drive Pro is actually one of the best you can get.

With an outstanding 300-lumen capacity, it becomes the brightest rear bike light on the list. This includes the Daytime Flash mode and the other 10 output options so you can make it work exactly how you need it.

There’s a lot more to enjoy from this light, though. The unique strip design allows maximum illumination, for example. People can see the light from hundreds of feet away, thanks to its 5-LED bulb system.

Another advantage of this shape is the 270-degree visibility. It has a Wide Angle cover design that spreads the light like no other in the list. So people won’t only see you from behind, but also from the sides with ease.

For those who need a durable product, this one also stands out. You get a combination of long battery life at 53 hours of runtime, as well as a superb co-molded construction that withstands any situation.

If all that doesn’t feel like enough, you can still enjoy the USB-rechargeable design for convenience and the compatibility with Aero & Round seat posts.

People who love practical products will be completely captivated with this one.

Highlighted Features:

  • The casing comes in Black & Red
  • Offers up to 300 lumens
  • 10 handy lighting options
  • Lasts over 50 hours
  • Long-lasting co-molded build

2. Ascher Super Bright Rear LED Bicycle Light

You don’t need a premium light for your bike if there’s no need for maximum performance. If you’re a more casual biker who rarely goes out at night, then something simple and still capable will work.

This is where the Super-Bright LED Light from Ascher enters into the list. It looks like one, but these are actually two lights. You get the taillight and the headlight, both work like a charm.

However, it is the rear light we love the most. The 8-lumen light can provide 2.5 hours at full brightness, which should be enough to tackle some long bike rides any time. And if you put it on the lower slow-flashing setting, it may last up to 9 and a half hours.

Each light has four modes, of course. You get the Full Brightness, the Half Brightness, Fast Flashing, and the Slow Flashing. So the lights are bright enough for any purpose.

This matches well with the ultra-small design. Setting them up won’t be much of a problem with this size. And when you add the silicone mount straps, they become exceptional pieces to have.

From seat posts to backpacks, helmets, and even handlebars, you can set them up anywhere. And they will only demand a stretch to secure firmly.

Last but not least, you get a 650mAh battery that charges via USB. So preparing them for your rides won’t be a problem either.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8-lumen and long-lasting
  • Extra-small and easy to install
  • Different modes for convenience
  • Recharges easily through USB
  • Comes with a headlight

3. BrightRoad BR-10 LED Rechargeable Bike Tail Light

One of the most exciting brands in the lighting market for bikes is BrightRoad. And it is clear why with a quick look at the BR-10.

This round-shaped tail light delivers a fantastic 5-lumen capacity that can last over 30 hours. Yes, you read that right. This light will surpass even your highest expectations with its ability to light up bright and last over a day.

The light brightens up high enough to make it visible at 650 feet of distance. And with its 220-degree angle illumination, it will make your bike more visible to almost everyone around you.

Other features are also fantastic from this light. One includes the 3 safety modes. You can make it work as a High Flashing light to alert people, and Low Steady that stays on constantly, and the Slow Flash.

Another feature is the Rapid Recharge system. When completely drained, the battery can charge in just 3 hours. So you will have enough battery to last another 24 hours or more with so little charging time.

Despite its flashing system and battery advantage, the best feature is the IPX5 construction. It withstands almost any situation, especially with an aluminum construction that never rusts.

On top of all that, you can set it up quickly with a strap mount and a practical trail hood. Along with its power button and straightforward design overall, using this light will be more than enjoyable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Last over 24 hours continuously
  • Recharges faster than any other
  • Boasts 3 safety modes for handiness
  • High-quality aluminum build
  • It’s resistant to water & dust

4. Nkomax Smart Bike Tail Light Ultra Bright

After looking for the best rear bike light for daytime, we found the Nkomax Smart Tail Light. It is an ultra-bright model for people who love biking in the afternoons and early mornings.

So you get the capacity to illuminate at a 180-degree angle and as far as 500 feet. It’s all possible to the unique LED design, offering 12 lumens that may not be the brightest, but are amazingly hard to miss.

This light capacity doesn’t stop there. It is bright enough to become visible even under rain and fog. And if you go through difficult places with tons of dust and moisture, the IPX6 construction will keep it working.

Other features like the 6061 aluminum chassis also stand out. It will make it last a long time, especially with the COB LED construction.

Apart from that, you get a 400mAh Li-Ion battery. It can withstand over 20 hours of continuous use. So you won’t have to worry about taking long rides early in the morning and being without power in the afternoon.

For those who need a practical LED, this one also boasts straightforward nylon ties. You can secure them in any place on your bike for a very convenient installation. In short, you get a fantastic piece for a reasonable price.

Highlighted Features:

  • IPX6 rating makes it super-sturdy
  • Has a sturdy aluminum build
  • Massive 400mAh battery makes it last
  • Superb 12-lumen brightness
  • Requires little effort to mount

5. CANWAY Ultra-Bright Bike Tail Light

A taillight doesn’t have to only be red. You may also find other colors, like blue. That’s what the Ultra-Bright LED light from CANWAY offers.

You get the best rear bike light that provides two different colors at once. And within the two color options, you also get 5 different lighting modes to tackle any purpose.

This includes a flashing red, a flashing blue, a flashing red and blue, and continuous light with either color.

The light options don’t work alone, though. This strip can handle up to 180 lumens. Even in the most challenging situations, this light will brighten you up. You won’t have a problem at becoming visible in the dark.

This pairs up well with the 260-degree angle so people can see you from behind and sides. And with the COB lamp build, you’re sure to get over 100 feet of visibility.

The strip also has another advantage: you can rotate it on its mount 360 degrees. You can use it either as a horizontal or vertical strip, depending on your needs.

All of that matches well with the IPX-4 waterproof build. It can withstand dust as well, making it ideal for your off-road rides.

And for people who love durability, this one also stands out. It can last 2 hours at full 180-lumen brightness, making it worthwhile for people who take quick rides at night.

Along with the USB-rechargeable system and a practical rubber strap for mounting, using this LED taillight won’t be much of a problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fantastic visibility from far & sides
  • The rotatable design makes it handy
  • Resistant to water splashes & rain
  • Offers 180 lumens brightness
  • Can last over 2 hours

6. Stupidbright SBR-1 Micro Rear Bicycle Lights

Coming back to the cheapest models, the SBR-1 from StupidBright enters the list. At the lowest price in the article, it will become a go-to option for people on a budget.

But the price is not what sets it apart, though. The light still performs well with 40 lumens per LED. That may seem like a lot for such an affordable set, and it is.

As you can guess, you get a set of two lights with this option. That’s enough to make yourself visible from the side as well, if necessary. The lights still offer a 180-degree round design, so people can see you from every angle if you set them upright.

The lights also offer 3 different modes. The Slow-Strobe for maximum durability, the Fast-Strobe for an attention-grabbing delivery, and the Solid, which works continuously – they all make you more visible at night.

When it comes to durability, they don’t disappoint either. You can get several hours of use with the CR2023 batteries. Put two of these batteries on the lights, and you’ll get enough for several rides at night.

And lastly, you can enjoy the strap-on design with a universal mount. It doesn’t matter where you want to put them. The lights will set right up in seconds. So you get a fantastic set of lights in every way.

Highlighted Features:

  • Delivers 180-degree lighting
  • Has 3 lighting modes for any use
  • Works with CR2023 batteries
  • Up to 40 lumens per light
  • Extra-small and effortless to install

7. Ascher Bright Bicycle Rear Cycling Safety Flashlight

Some people prefer strips over all other types of lights. That’s why the Ascher Rear Cycling Flashlights made it into the list as an excellent set.

You get a pair of lights with 70 lumens each. That’s enough to make you visible from over 100 feet of distance. Along with the different lighting options at Full Brightness, Half Brightness, Fast Flashing, and Slow Flashing, they become efficient lights.

They can last a long time as well. You get a 330mAh rechargeable Lithium battery on each. That should be enough to last up to 9.5 hours at maximum brightness and about 16 hours at half brightness.

The strip design is also highly convenient. It offers wide-angle 150-degree visibility. So you can rest assured that almost everyone around will see you while riding.

Every strip is also super-wide. That’s another advantage to note, as it will make the beam even larger for everyone to appreciate, even with fog, dust, or mist.

And for those who want a practical piece all around, the USB port for easy recharging plus the plastic strap with buckle will make them an enticing choice. Along with IPX4 construction, you can use these lights almost anywhere with no problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • Decent 70-lumen capacity
  • 330mAh battery lasts 7 hours straight
  • Excellent visibility with a 150-degree design
  • IPX4 build makes it robust
  • Comes with handy USB recharging

8. Volcano Eye Bike Rear Tail Light

We love strip lights. And the Volcano Eye set was good enough for us to dismiss. Mainly because you get two lights – perfect to light up your entire bike every night.

The lights are so practical that you may also use them as bike helmet rear lights. So you get double the advantage, making your bike visible as well as your head for maximum safety.

Another advantage is the bright-enough LED. You may think it is not that bright, but it can reach daytime visibility, which makes them even more useful. This is only possible thanks to the 100 lumens of brightness they offer. That’s something you don’t get often.

Along with its excellent brightness, the light also provides 7 settings you can use. No matter what you’re looking for, these lights will let you ride your bike safely every night.

The lighting settings don’t come alone. You also get a practical button to change the mode or turn them off as needed. That’s something you will love.

And to make these lights even better, they boast an IPX4 construction. So you get an airproof and waterproof build, which you can take anywhere.

Add the USB-rechargeable battery that lasts over 2 hours plus the practical mounting strap, and they become a go-to choice for any user.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a set of two red lights
  • Offers 7 settings for multi-use
  • Ultra-resistant IPX4 build
  • Recharges in just 2 hours
  • Handy strap mounts anywhere

9. DON PEREGRINO B3 Ultra Bright Bike Rear Light

If you’re going for maximum brightness, then you won’t regret getting the DON PEREGRINO from B3.

A fantastic 110-lumen capacity will make your bike highly visible even through fog and haze. And what’s even more exciting, it comes with 46 COD LEDs, divided into Blue and Red lights.

The light is so bright that people from 492 feet away can see it. And if you add the 150-degree visibility, everyone around you will see the light without a problem.

Alongside such a high level of brightness, you can also enjoy different flash settings. You get a Constant Red/Blue mode, a Red/Blue Alternate Flash, and even a Red/Blue Simultaneous Flash. If that wasn’t enough, you can also light up things with a flash or always in White.

When it comes to color options and modes, nothing beats this rear bike light. And yet, it still manages to last over 3.5 hours. At its lowest settings, it can last up to 10 hours without a problem.

Despite that, you only need to recharge the light for 2 hours. The USB port makes it a piece of cake. And adding the practical bracket mount, setting it up won’t be a problem either. It is one of the best you can get, without a doubt.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy-to-recharge USB port
  • Decent 150-degree visibility
  • Can last over 10 hours
  • Has 3 light colors
  • The mount installs anywhere

10. MEILAN X5 Smart Bike Tail Light

Probably the most expensive lights on the list, but still the most effective you can get. The X5 rear bike brake light from Meilan doesn’t let anyone down.

Thanks to a unique strip design, the light can make you way more visible than the regular model. This design works like a charm with the 85-lumen brightness. It is bright enough to work on almost any situation, including foggy and misty areas.

The light boasts 30 LED bulbs inside, making them super practical. People will see you from up to 150 feet away – that’s how bright these are.

Yet, the light comes with a 2000mAh battery. That’s enough to last for 8 hours straight at maximum brightness. In the flashing mode, it may last 5 hours.

Another excellent feature is the rechargeable design. A couple of hours charging, and it will be ready to tackle the road.

This works well with the wireless remote. You can swap between 6 lighting modes depending on what you need.

And with the braking-light compatibility, it becomes an even better option. A ground-warning-line system also works wonderfully to increase visibility at night.

Combining everything it offers, it is undoubtedly a light you don’t want to overlook, even for its price.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 2000mAh of battery power
  • 85 lumens of max brightness
  • Lasts over 8 hours at max
  • Offers 6 lighting modes
  • Super-useful remote controller

11. ApaceVision Guard G3X Pro100 Bike Tail Light

There aren’t many practical taillights like the Guard G3X Pro100 from ApaceVision. We simply loved it, especially for its size and overall brightness.

At first, you’ll notice its 100-lumen brightness. The light is hard to miss in the dark, especially on the road. But it is the super-wide angle that truly sets it apart. You get a 180-degree beam that can light up all around, so people can see you from different angles.

If you’re a safety geek, then you will also want several lighting modes. This light comes with 7 of these modes. From flashing to continues, and others – you’ll have enough to meet your standards.

Despite its excellent brightness and different modes, the piece boasts a 45-hour battery. Yes, exactly how you read it. Using a 950mAh battery, the light can last that much at its lowest setting. If you use it at its max, then it may last between 2 and 6 hours.

Charging it won’t be a problem with its USB port, and with its 4-mount system, you won’t have any trouble setting it up on your bike.

For people who love durability, it also comes with a polycarbonate plastic build, boasting an IPX5 waterproof rating. It withstands splashes and dust with no problem. So you get a more-than-decent product for an excellent price.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fantastic 950mAh battery
  • Lasts up to 45 hours
  • Extra-safe 180-degree light angle
  • 7 lighting modes to enjoy
  • IPX5 rating with a polycarbonate build

What Factors to Consider While Buying Best Rear Bike Lights? 

There will be tons of different factors to think about when getting one of these. If you aren’t well-versed about taillights or bike lights in general, then you will love this brief guide below.

We explain everything you need to consider if you want the best rear bike light. For those who don’t want anything less than that, this guide will help them enormously:

Brightness (Lumens)

If there’s one factor you should never overlook, then that’s the brightness level. This will tell you how bright the light can be, so you’ll want to for the highest measurement possible.

Brightness is measured in lumens, and taillights are usually not the brightest of lights. But you should get no less than 20 lumens for a bright-enough experience at night.

If you’re only riding in fogless areas at night, then a 5-lumen light will suffice. If you want maximum brightness during the day, then choose nothing less than 50 lumens.

It is important to note that lights with more lumens also consume more battery. So if you’re going on long trips, lower lumens could be a better choice.

Battery Life

Like said before, you will find that rear bike lights with tons of brightness will consume a lot more energy. So a 50-lumen light will probably last between 3 and 6 hours while a 5-lumen model may last 24 hours or more.

If you’re a long-distance biker who tends to ride for several hours at once, then you may want a long-battery light. These will probably not be as bright as their less durable models, but will certainly last the whole trip.

For about 10 hours of constant use, you should pick a Li-Ion battery of at least 300mAh. Be sure they are rechargeable batteries for the highest convenience. You don’t want to be buying batteries every time they run out of energy.

Type & Shape

The bulbs on the lights will also make a huge difference. But this is something easy to pick. We recommend nothing less than LED lights for the best experience.

Halogen and incandescent lights are not good enough anymore. And simple reflecting bulbs are not necessarily the smartest option (some people drive without lights on).

So in terms of overall brightness and power consumption, nothing beats a set of COB LEDs.

Apart from the bulb type, the shape also matters. We usually recommend strip models over rounded ones, as they are slightly more visible. But it all comes down to your needs, as round models can fit almost anywhere.

Durability & Materials

While the LED is what emits the light, it needs a chassis or casing for protection. This is where you need to consider the materials and overall construction of the piece.

You will find that most of these lights are made with high-quality plastic exteriors. But the best one will come with aluminum or similar metal casings.

These are the ones you should consider for their ability to withstand impacts and shocks (in case you fall while riding).

If you find a light with a rating of IPX5 or higher, then that’s an excellent piece to consider for its waterproof and dustproof build. So you can ride safely anywhere you go.

Mounting Options

The last thing you should be careful about when choosing is the practicality of the mounting system. There will be several to consider.

For example, a bolt on the rear bike light will need you to use tools, screws, and the like. But they will stay on the bike for a long time, so you won’t need to worry much.

Another design is the tie system. This is a type of light you need to hook up to your seatpost or saddle using ties. This is excellent and reliable, but it can be problematic to take off when necessary.

And the ones we recommend the most are the strap models. These may come with nylon or rubber straps that you can stretch and attach to seat posts, saddles, racks, or even helmet hardware. They stay firmly in place and don’t demand much work to use.

What Lights Do You Need on A Bike?

There are two types of lights everyone should have on their bike. One would be the headlight. This is the most practical light you can have, as it will light up your path.

The second is the rear light. Also known as the taillight, it will let people behind you know that there’s a bike on the road. This is an essential bike to have.

But there are many other lights you can get. Some lights attach to the frame or rims of the bike, making it even more visible during the night. And others may even work on your helmet if necessary. These are not critical but can be pretty useful to increase your safety.

How Many Lumens Do I Need for Bike Rear Lights?

There’s no specific rate of lumens to go for. This happens because lumens are not the only measurement you should consider when it comes to taillights.

For example, a 70-lumen light will be bright enough to illuminate even on rainy days. But it will probably run out of battery fast.

Similarly, a 10-lumen light may not be bright enough to work safely in foggy environments. But it will probably last over 10 hours.

So it depends on your needs. Overall, we recommend getting as many lumens as possible if you’re looking for maximum visibility. But if you only want decent visibility and instead prefer durability, then a low-lumen light would be ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sure, you went through our reviews and learned a ton with our buying guide. But we’re pretty sure there are still some doubts in your head about rear bike lights. Below, we have some questions with their answers that may get relieve those doubts:

1. Why do I need a bike rear light?

Obviously, you need a taillight for safety. But it is not only that. Countries like the US and Canada have laws against people who ride bikes at night without lights. And in some countries, you may have a specific brightness level to match. So why do you need one of these lights? To prevent a fine or worse.

2. Where to put the rear bike light?

There are tons of different places to put them on. We usually recommend just below the saddle or seatpost. But you can also install them low on the frame, saddle, or even the back of your helmet.

3. How do I mount the rear light on my road bike?

Road bikes come with a slightly shorter seatpost, so it is usually better to set them up on the saddle directly.

For that, however, you will need a saddle or a strap design for versatile mounting. Overall, though, you can set them up in the same way and place as in a mountain or commuting bike.

4. What type of rear bike light do I need for off-road biking?

A rear light for an off-road bike needs to be ultra-bright. Remember that off-roading you won’t have the same illumination as in streets or highways, so it is essential to have maximum brightness.

At the same time, you want a high-lumen headlight. This is the most important one to have. We recommend models with at least 500 lumens of total brightness. If you can go over 1000 lumens, that would be even better.

5. Should I use a rear light during the day?

Yes, not only should you, but you must. Most accidents involving bikes happen in the day. And there’s a high chance they happen because drivers don’t see the biker on the road.

So it is heavily recommended to also have them in daylight, especially if close to sunset or sunrise time.


It won’t be easy to find a rear light for your bike that gets the job done if you don’t know what to look for. But with this guide, you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

With our list of the best rear bike light reviews, the buying guide, and our FAQ section, you should have no problem picking the right one.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow our advice and recommendations. You won’t regret buying one of these lights with our help.

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